Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Lawrence Harmon
C: 732-266-2198

Mid-South Regional Sales Manager
Patty Franks
C: 501-690-1113

Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Robert Kurt
C: 319-540-7037

Mountain West Regional Sales Manager
Austin House
C: 505-228-6778

Southwest Regional Sales Manager
Connie Jones
C: 775-857-8849

Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Brandon Ray
C: 252-314-1794

other contacts

Vice President of Sales:  Steve McGuire  P: 505-343-5380

Director of Marketing and Ecommerce:  Brett Maurer  P: 505-343-5352

Credit Manager:  Emma Wehling  P: 505-343-5313

Ecommerce Manager:  Colleen Quick  P: 505-343-5360


Customer Service Manager
Midwest, TX, OK, AR, LA Region
Thomas Donahue
P: 505-343-5379

Northeast, Southeast,
Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South Territories
Julia Raby
P: 505-343-5334

Mountain West, Southwest, Northwest Territories
Valerie Jaramillo
P: 505-343-5305