Fluorescent under cabinet lighting is one of the best ways to save energy without sacrificing functionality and it is typically less expensive than other energy-efficient options. These fixtures are very effective and are 70% more energy efficient and 80% cooler than incandescent or halogen light sources. For energy efficiency on a budget, this 12” under cabinet fixture is a perfect option for any kitchen, basement or home office.



  • Heavy 20-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Frosted Acrylic Lens for Even Light Distribution
  • Equipped with Rapid-Start Electronic Ballast
  • Lens Replacement Available


Part Numbers:

10364EB - 12"  1x8W T5 Lamp
10364EBLENS - 12" Lens Only
10365EB - 21"  1x13W T5 Lamp
10366EB - 24"  2x8W T5 Lamps
10366EBLENS - 24" Lens Only
10367EB - 33"  1x8W + 1x13W T5 Lamps
10367EBLENS - 33" Lens Only
10368EB - 42"  2x13W T5 Lamp
10368EBLENS - 42" Lens Only