The NLCPS1 is an inline power pack designed to provide low-voltage (12V) control of NLC luminaire sensors. It operates at 10A (max) load at 120/277V and provides 0-10V dimming capability to luminaires. The NLCPS1 can be secured directly to any ½” knockout using the threaded nut included. Setup and commissioning requires the NICOR NLC mobile app (Android/iPhone).


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  • Receives control signal from an NLC Bluetooth sensor via the 0-10v wires to luminaire
  • Input voltage of 120-277V at 60Hz
  • Output Current of 10A Max (120V and 277V). Ballast, LED, CFL
  • Operating temperature rating of -22ºF to 131ºF (-30ºC to 55ºC)
  • Auxiliary Voltage of 12V DC 200mA Max
  • Dimming: Class 2, 0-10V DC 10mA Max
  • Sinking Current: 10mA Max
  • Consists of a high-efficiency switching power supply and a 10A relay
  • Compatible to all NLC Product Series only
  • Operates one Wireless Bluetooth Sensor per Power Pack


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