The PrimeChime Plus 2® keeps all the popular features of NICOR’s PrimeChime Plus® electronic doorbell with added compatibility with most video doorbell buttons. The PRCP2 combines both line voltage and low voltage into a single unit and offers a paintable, screwless faceplate for simple installation and a seamless look. Separate ring tones for front and rear doors allows you to keep track of exactly which door to answer. NICOR’s lighted button makes your doorbell easily visible to visitors at all times of day, welcoming them to your home.

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  • Integrated transformer
  • Input: 120VAC/60Hz
  • Output: 20VAC
  • Digital control board with speaker
  • Two distinct chime tones: Westminster for front and Ding-Dong for rear door
  • Compatible with many popular video doorbell buttons
    (see compatibility list and/or test for compatibility before installation)


Part Numbers:

PRCP2 - Includes Door Chime and Two (2) Lighted Buttons