The patent-pending Electronic Door Chime (EDC) is a doorbell chime kit that can be installed in new construction homes or retrofitted in existing homes. It uniquely features a door chime that fits in most non-metallic single-gang junction boxes and combines both line and low voltage in one unit. The EDC comes with the popular Westminster chime option, a paintable faceplate for a seamless look, and a lighted doorbell button to make your doorbell easily visible at night.

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  • Patent Pending design installs in most standard non-metallic single-gang junction boxes
  • Digital chime reduces burn out and failures while featuring the Westminster tone
  • Voltage divider allows the unit to combine both line and low voltage in a single-gang unit
  • Multiple poke-in connectors for low voltage output for both front and back doorbells
  • Includes one lighted doorbell button and paintable faceplate


Part Number:

EDC1120WH1 - Includes Door Chime and One (1) Lighted Button