The NICOR ECL3 Series provides self diagnostic testing and reporting in an Exit/Emergency combo. This UL924 code compliant solution for exit and emergency requirements offers high output and adjustable LED heads to deliver direct illumination for path of egress. The evenly illuminated exit sign is available with red or green stencils. The ECL3 Series offers flexible installation for surface ceiling or wall mount options along with field removable chevrons for universal configuration based on your application’s directional needs. Supplied with two faces for single or double face installation.


  • Uniform lighting with specially designed plastic diffuser to prevent shadowing
  • Operating temperature rating of 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
  • Remote version supports up to two (2) 3.6VDC NICOR remote lamps (see compatibility chart)
  • 90 minute capacity (including remote lamps)
  • Light engine provides consistently bright and even EXIT legend illumination with red or green LEDs
  • Fully-illuminated 6” letter height with ¾” stroke
  • Supplied with two faces for single or double face installation
  • Self Diagnostic feature automatically tests and reports on fixture status


Part Numbers:

ECL31UNVWHG2SD - Green Text Self Diagnostic
ECL31UNVWHR2SD - Red Text Self Diagnostic
ECL31UNVWHG2RSD - Green Text Remote Capable Self Diagnostic
ECL31UNVWHR2RSD - Red Text Remote Capable Self Diagnostic