NICOR’s LED Step Lights are a great complement for your residential and commercial projects. This step light not only provides a touch of safety, but it offers a warm, natural glow making it a perfect accent for any project. Need more flexibility? This LED step light has been designed with a photocell built right in. Now you can save even more energy and have light only when you need it. No need to turn on a switch, this fixture does it for you. For a truly customizable choice, this LED step light also offers paintable faceplates making it versatile for any residential or commercial application. Wet location approved for indoor and outdoor use.



  • Polycarbonate diffuser creates uniform distribution
  • Louvered faceplate conceals LED and provide a footpath directed distribution pattern
  • Frosted open faceplate provide enhanced illumination in a wide distribution
  • Custom driver design minimizes installation depth
  • 6” leads for Hot and Neutral connections. No ground required due to polymer housing
  • Input voltage of 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Photocell enabled model provides dusk to dawn operation: light off at day, on at night
  • Dimmable with compatible leading edge (TRIAC) and trailing edge (ELV) dimmers
  • Operating temperature rating of -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)


Part Numbers:

STP2F120WH - White Frosted
STP2F120WHPC - White Frosted Photocell
STP2L120WH - White Louvered
STP2L120WHPC - White Louvered Photocell

Open Face (Frosted) Accessory Faceplates:

STP2FPFBK - Black Faceplate
STP2FPFBKPC - Black Faceplate PC
STP2FPFOB - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate
STP2FPFOBPC - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate PC
STP2FPFWH - White Faceplate
STP2FPFWHPC - White Faceplate PC

Louvered Horizontal Accessory Faceplates:

STP2FPLHBK - Black Faceplate
STP2FPLHBKPC - Black Faceplate PC
STP2FPLHOB - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate
STP2FPLHOBPC - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate PC
STP2FPLHWH - White Faceplate
STP2FPLHWHPC - White Faceplate PC

Louvered Vertical Accessory Faceplates:

STP2FPLVBK - Black Faceplate
STP2FPLVBKPC - Black Faceplate PC
STP2FPLVOB - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate
STP2FPLVOBPC - Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faceplate PC
STP2FPLVWH - White Faceplate
STP2FPLVWHPC - White Faceplate PC