The EMO is an external LED emergency driver and battery for field installation that enables normal and emergency operation of an LED fixture. Built to withstand various environmental conditions, the EMO is enclosed in a durable weather-proof casing, making it ideal for outdoor use. During a power failure, the EMO activates emergency mode to deliver consistent output power to the fixture for a minimum of 90 minutes. For added convenience, the kit features a lighted test button with status indicator allowing for easy functionality checks. The EMO allows you to add emergency battery backup to most outdoor LED fixtures.



  • Long life high temperature Li-Ion battery
  • Constant power design provides consistent lumen output for >90 minutes
  • Self-Diagnostic test circuitry
  • 24 hour recharge time
  • Operating temperature rating of 41°F to 122°F (5°C to 50°C)
  • Battery self protection
  • Surge protection: L-N 3kV
  • Compatible with the following fixtures:
    • OGS
    • OUC3, OUC4
    • OSA, OSA3
    • OUS
    • OWF
    • OWG, OWG2, OWG3


Part Numbers:

EMO1080WRVBZ - 8W Bronze
EMO1180WRVBZ - 18W Bronze

EMO1080WRVWH - 8W White
EMO1180WRVWH - 18W White