This cast aluminum exit sign combines a curved face design with the long-life and energy-saving LED technology in an affordable package. The 18304 offers a universal wall mounting knockout pattern, a Ni-Cad battery (Battery Backup versions) and premium high-output ultra-bright LEDS. The 18304 is a perfect modern-day, LED design for your project.



  • Cast Aluminum
  • Built-in wiring channel
  • 120/277VAC transformer
  • Premium grade Ni-Cad rechargeable battery (Battery Backup Versions Only)


Part Numbers:

18304SRAW - White Housing, Red Text, 1 Faceplate
18304DRAW - White Housing, Red Text, 2 Faceplates
18304SRAWEM - White Housing, Red Text, 1 Faceplate, Battery Backup
18304DRAWEM - White Housing, Red Text, 2 Faceplates, Battery Backup