The ROUGHIN-FRAME is designed to aid in installation of the remote-driver (canless) downlights by providing a clear location indicator for wiring and installation placement acting as a cutting guide/template within a finished ceiling. It is suitable for use in residential and commercial applications.


  • Heavy-gauge NICOR captive hanger bars provide greater stability, allowing housing to be positioned at any point within a 24” joist span, then locked in place with set screws
  • Unique hanger bar lip design helps align frame to joist
  • Four double-headed captive nails provide for ease of installation
  • Bars can be repositioned 90° on plaster frame by repositioning hanger bar brackets
  • Bars fit onto T-bar spine for quick alignment and can be permanently secured
  • Score lines allow bars to be shortened without tools to accommodate a 12” joist span
  • Shallow design allows use in 2” x 6” joist construction


Part Number:

DLE6-ROUGHIN-FRAME - Rough In Frame for DLE6
DLE4-ROUGHIN-FRAME - Rough In Frame for DLE4